Wine making

Product of France - Appellation Beaujolais Villages Contrôlée 

It is the "traditional" style of vinification, i.e. the grapes are put whole (in bunches) in the vat. They are harvested by hand ; the use of a machine is strictly forbidden (for thr moment) by the AOC legislation - as in Champagne.
The fermentation is controlled by a cooler, to protect and achieve the aromas and structure of the Beaujolais wine. It is a short fermentation, 5 or 6 days - 4 to 5 days for Beaujolais Nouveau.
The wine is then stored under the ground, in oak barrels, in a 220 years old vaulted cellar. They are produced on granit soil. Stop for a soft drink of our Beaujolais Villages Rosé 2011 ...


Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria. We export to BRITAIN: We have an address in CALAIS where you can receive your wine. If you wish to place an order for wine, please contact us. ( We will be pleased to provide a quotation.

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